In The Waiting

There’s a process to most things worthwhile, which includes our dreams and goals. I call this process “The Waiting.” And although necessary, it doesn’t make the waiting period any less arduous. So if you find yourself waiting on your dream, may this episode encourage you through the process.

Get Help

Recently I found myself experiencing a lot of pain. Pain that began to spread into all 3 areas of my being (body, soul and spirit). For a while I tried to SELF-medicate. I only began to experience release when I sought help. I’m encouraging you to do the same.


Do you find yourself being hesitant to share all of who you are? In our world today it seems increasingly harder to stand up for your what you believe…when what you believe is not popularly accepted. What do YOU do when that happens?

A Free Gift

So there’s a remarkable gift🎁 we’ve all been given…free and clear. Like a superheroπŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ, it helps us defy matter, space and even time. Find out what that gift and superpower isπŸ’ͺ, and ways to appropriate it correctly.